Tag, you're it!

Do you remember that scene in Forrest Gump where he’s been running back and forth across the country and all these people are running with him? He just stops one day, turns around and says, "I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now." I can relate. Happy Girl has been around since 2009. I've helped teach thousands of people to care for and styles their little ones' curls and coils. I hope I've contributed to a culture of love and appreciation for natural hair. I hope I've helped both moms and daughters appreciate their own beauty.

In the 600 or so articles I've published on Happy Girl, I've shared all I've learned. I've told you about successes and failures. I've given you my best tips and suggestions. I know you were listening and reading. I know that many of you have a tremendous natural hair knowledge base. So now it's your turn. Let's make this a little like a relay run. Go share what you know. Start a blog. Start a vlog. Start a Tumblr. Tweet. Teach a neighbor. Teach a friend. Throw a hair party with some other moms and pool your knowledge. Tag, my Happy Girl friends, you're it!